Now playing at the Mabee Fieldhouse at Avila! 5 wins in a row! Go Tornados!

Coach of the month AND Player of the Week! Congrats to Charlton Jones and Coach Thompson.

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tickets are $10 each. Now playing at the Maybee Fieldhouse at Avila University! Come out and support your local KC pro basketball team and enjoy the family friendly atmosphere, the exciting ”twisters” dance team, and help cheer our team right into the playoffs!

NAPB League Schedule

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NAPB Coach of the Month-KC Tornado’s Calvin “Pony” Thompson

Congratulations Coach! 5 in a row and taking his team straight to the top. As Coach would say “ game recognize game” and the league couldn’t help but recognize Coach Thompson and his winning ways! 

Our Team-KC Tornados

Our Team

2018 KC Tornado's

#1 - Jacob French - 6'5" guard (Mid America Nazarene)

#2 - Taveres Sledge - 6'9" guard (Wright State)

#3 - Grant Greenberg - 6'2" guard (University of St. Mary's)

#4- Kareem Rush - 6’5” guard (University of Missouri)

#5 - Franklin Williams - 6'6" guard (UMKC)

#11 - DJ Cole - 6'2" guard (Youngstown University)

#12 - Tyler Rambo - 6'5" guard (University of Indianapolis)

#13 - Kevin Young - 6'8" guard (University of Kansas)

#15 - Charlton Jones - 6'1" guard (Oklahoma City University)

Head Coach - Calvin Thompson

GM-Kareem Rush

Director of player Personel-Jaron Rush

Assistant Coach - Ed Corporal

Assistant Coach - Eric Stamps

2018 Schedule -Mabee Fieldhouse at Avila

Home games for March and April 2018

Games are played at Mabee Fieldhouse with the exception of the two games being played at St Marys Please check the schedule carefully. Thank you.


 6-Vancouver Knights 7pm-Mabee Fieldhouse

7-Vancouver Knights 7pm Mabee Fieldhouse

 28-Rochester, N.Y. Razorsharks 7pm Mabee Fieldhouse

29-Rochester, N.Y. Razorsharks 7pm Mabee Fieldhouse


14-Kentucky 7pm-University of St Marys Leavenworth KS

15-Kentucky 2pm-University of St Marys Leavenworth KS

23-Nevada 7pm-Mabee Fieldhouse

25-Nevada 11 am-Maybee Fieldhouse

Road games


15-at Rochester N.Y., 7:05 pm

16-at Albany, N.Y., 7:05 p.m 

18-at Albany, N.Y., 3 p.m 

23-at Ohio, 7 p.m 

24-at Ohio, 9:30 a.m.


2-at Rochester NY 7pm

3-at Rochester NY 7pm

20-at Yakima Washington 7:00

21-at Yakima Washington 7:00

27-at Kentucky 7:00

28-at Kentucky 7:00


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KC Tornados

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